Business Owners

Focus provides business owners with an efficient route to a successful partnership with an investor. We understand the difficulties of managing a business— Focus's partners are former entrepreneurs with experience founding and operating companies. Owners considering the implications of a transaction often use Focus as a sounding board or resource. Focus and its investment partners can quickly assess a company's value and screen the investment groups in its network for compatibility in addition to the expertise and capabilities best suited to a business’s needs. Business owners leverage Focus’s network of more than 400 investment groups to find the right partner with fewer introductions and without announcing to competitors, customers, or employees that their company is “for sale.” There is absolutely no risk or obligation in engaging in discussions with us; Focus is compensated by its clients, not business owners. We promise discretion and will treat all information as confidential, thus ensuring minimal distractions and disruptions to the your supplier, employee, distributor and customer relationships.


As a high quality, relationship-driven option for matching buyers with sellers, Focus rises above the din of marketing activities and listing services to ensure that your investment opportunity gets in front of the right eyes and receives the consideration it deserves.